Dr. Ali Jaffri is a Consultant Sedimentologist with international experience in unconventional and conventional reservoirs. His specialisms include Sequence StratigraphySeismic StratigraphyCore DescriptionSeismic interpretation, and Well-log analysis. He is proficient inPetrelCarbonate PetrologySedimentology, and Geomodelling, and is an excellentteacher and trainer

Dr. Ali’s unconventional reservoir experiences include Geological Consultant at Statoil (Norway and the USA), and Brigham Oil and Gas (USA), Operations Geologist at Chevron (USA) and Delta Petroleum (USA), a Researcher at Oklahoma State University and The Oil And Gas Development Corporation Of Pakistan (USA).

His conventional reservoir experience includes Geological Consultant at United Energy Pakistan, Next Instructor at Schlumberger (USA), and a Senior Reservoir Geologist at VNG Norge (Norway).

Dr. Ali taught Fluvial and Shallow Marine Reservoirs course at United Energy Pakistan. He led a field–‐trip titled “Outcrop analogs for fluvial and geomodeling applications” for Statoil in the Book Cliffs of Colorado, USA. He taught Applied Sequence Stratigraphy andSeismic Stratigraphy courses to United Energy Pakistan. In addition he taught Applied Sequence Stratigraphy and Seismic Stratigraphy courses to Kuwait Energy Company. He initiated in-house training in sequence and seismic stratigraphy at VNG and held 5-day courses at the Stavanger, Oslo (Norway), and Leipzig (Germany) offices. Dr. Ali taught a Seismic Stratigraphy course to BP, Pakistan Oilfields Limited, Ocean Energy and Oil and Gas Development Corporation (OGDCL) geoscientists and Fundamentals of Sequence Stratigraphy.

Qualification and Skills:

  • PhD, Petroleum Geology at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA
  • Masters, Geology at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, USA
  • Bachelors, Geology at University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
  • Computer Skills: Petrel, Geolog, Pathfinder, Stratworks, Seisworks, Petra, SMT Kingdom Suite, HTML, and Canvas